Wokali Aloe Veral Serum Face Serum 40ml – Aloe Veral Serum

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Serum Wokali Aloe Veral 40ml

The “Aloe Veral” serum is a multifunctional complex for your skin care. This substance has the following effect:

-Anti wrinkle
—Garted action
-Der for troubled areas of the skin

The serum is suitable for all skin types. Aloe is the main active ingredient, which has soothing property, eliminates inflammation, nourishes skin cells, protects against harmful sunlight. It contains hyaluronic acid, which has an effective effect on wrinkle normalization, improves skin elasticity. It is a famous tool in modern cosmetics. Vitamin E (in the form of retinol), part of the product, is the main vitamin responsible for skin and hair health. Serum composition is also enriched with carrot butter, which also has excellent skin care properties.

Way of use:

Apply serum carefully, small enough for an effective effect. Apply the product to customized skin before using the cream. Lightweight serum massage movements are distributed to the face, neck and neck area. After the final absorption, you can start applying a regular cream.