Puppy Dog Lamp

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Barcode: 6991946604152
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Boxes 3
Pieces 30

This cartoon night lamp has two light sources, white light + warm light, bright light scene study table lamp, low light sleeping wet scene lamp, different lights give you a different atmosphere. The night light is interesting and vivid, the head can be adjusted in various ways, the limbs can be flexibly swung, and the light radiation angle can be adjusted at will. Easy to use, USB rechargeable eye care lamp, can be used with laptops, lens charging heads, no wiring required, 1200MAH large capacity battery, long battery life. The dog desk lamp has a wide range of use, suitable for children’s rooms, baby rooms, sleeping with, nursing, reading, learning, playing, etc., and also suitable for gifts to children’s relatives and friends. This children’s table lamp is safe and non-toxic, using high-quality non-polluting materials, environmentally friendly, safe and healthy companion. Use it with confidence, good texture, let kids and babies love it.