Turbocharged Water Saving Shower Head

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Barcode: 6424772300672
Boxes 5
Pieces 100

It gives you the perfect shower experience. Thanks to its innovative technology, it will give you an amazing sensation while you shower. A small fan is installed inside the handle. By rotating, it provides increased water flow and much better pressure than we are used to with ordinary shower handles. Therefore, it is an excellent solution for apartments or houses with poorer water pressure. A special experience is offered by a spirally wound design formed by a jet of water. You will also be impressed by the unique design with a rotating color fan. Thanks to the many specially designed nozzles, you will save water every time you shower. An additional advantage is the convenient button on the handle, which allows you to easily turn the water on and off. Suitable for pet showers as you can turn off the water with just one hand. It is easy to install. It has a universal thread that is suitable for most pipes or faucets. Just screw it into the shower hose and you’re already enjoying a relaxing shower.