Car Travel Disc – Travel DINING TRY

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-VIKI – Put all the things you need immediately with the Zone Tech Travel Food and Drink Tray! Just sit comfortably while traveling and reaching your things at any convenient moment. It mainly serves as a food tray and drink case, but you can also arrange your mobile phone, wallet and any preferred items on the disk for your convenience. Make your trip worth it and make your car the most convenient place you will ever find!
-Multi Functional – The Zone Tech Travel food and drink tray is multifunctional. Made with 2 glasses, a closed pocket, a mini flat surface and a large flat surface with multiple uses, the Zone Tech Food and Drink Car uses so little space in an elaborate way. The smallest semi-closed pocket is ideal for mobile phones, identity, passport or whatever you want to hold.
-Pressed – this disc can easily be hung on the back of the font seats even when you don’t use it because it is foldable! Open the disk when you want to use it and save it when you’re done. The color of the disc is neutral, so it will not be annoying inside you. You will add beauty instead.
– EXCLUSIVE INSTALLATION – The Zone Tech Travel Disc and Drinks Drive last just a minute to fit. Just tie the strap around the headgear and adjust for a comfortable fit. The size of the disk is very compact so you can store it in the rear seat pocket when not using it. The bottom of the disk has hooks so you can hang your grocery stores and things.