Sokany YLW-607 600W electric pot with a capacity of 500ml

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Barcode: 5605719503405
ID: 917195-22
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YLW-607 electric pot of Sokany, with 600 Watt. The electric pot will help you prepare your Greek coffee faster and easily than a conventional pot placed on your gas or fireplace. It has a capacity of 500 ml and can produce up to 6 single cups of Greek coffee. The process is very simple and is the same as the preparation of Greek coffee in a conventional pot. Add the amount of water you need for your coffee, then add as many tablespoons of coffee and sugar you want, put it in operation, and your coffee will be ready in a matter of minutes. Of course you can simply use it to boil water, as you would with a simple pot. It has a handle to serve your coffee with ease in the cup.

It is good to clean it after each use, using water, to avoid coffee residues. In addition, it would be useful at times to proceed with desalination, as any metal device that comes in contact with water tends to accumulate salts.

Type: Electric pot
Power: 600W
Capacity: 0.5lt
Color: White