Skin, Dermatin and Vinyl Repair Set – DIY LEATHER VINYL REPAIR KIT

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*Skin, leather and vinyl repair set – DIY LEATHER VINYL REPAIR KIT*
Repair holes and damage to leather, leather or fabrics and can eliminate almost all scratches. It is that you need to have the annoying holes you accidentally created for a car seats and a home.
Special repairs and different colors are included for mixing each color to suit many skin types and colors. The use of the kit is relatively simple and easy.
All you have to do is cut the fabric to the size you need to cover the hole you want. Then pass it under the surface you want to correct and then paint it over the special color you made.
A unique way to prevent you from having to change upholstery in the car or throw away your favorite jacket due to a small hoof.

Instructions for use:
Practice on a vinyl piece before proceeding to the actual repair.
Read the instructions before using this kit.
1. Clean and dry the repair surface with home detergents. Cut the threads with a razor or knife.
2. Cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the hole and use the spatula to punch under the surface you will repair. Note: If the hole is less than ¼ of the inch you do not need to use the fabric.
3. The kit contains various leaves. After drying the repair you chose what looks like your car’s vinyl. Draw the shape of the damage on the outer side of the sheet (this side up). This will help you to accurately place hot iron.
4. With the spatula, glue the hole to the height of the surface. Allow the glue to dry for 4 hours. When dried completely it will be very tight, leaving a gap that you need to fill with the color mixture.
5. If 1 of the 7 colors fits the color of the vinyl you repair, use it directly. If not, mix the colors until you achieve the color that fits the vinyl you will repair.
6. Using the spatula apply the color mixture to the point of repair. Apply a thin layer of mixture around the damage. You smoke the edges to make the surface isometric. Proper application of the mixture requires great care. Wipe off the leftovers around the damage. Do not overflow the damage with the mixture. Put less mixture but no more. Glue the sheet with adhesive tape over the wet mixture. Make sure the shape you designed on the outer side of the leaf is just above the damage.
7. Use home iron or temperature transport or lighter. With iron on the highest temperature scale and allow it to warm for 3 minutes (the temperature transfer tool needs the same time to warm up). Immediately place the edge of the hot iron plate or the tool or lighter on the leaf pattern. Do not let the hot metal touch the vinyl. Make rotational movements for 35-45 seconds or until the warm metal has cooled on the leaf. Do not remove the sheet. If the damage is great you should repeat the same procedure as the iron or tool or lighter. The heat should go to all points and all over the surface of the damage and around it. Remove the sheet. If the area of ​​the damage is still wet or sticking you should repeat step seven.
If you are not sure you can do the job, contact a professional. Follow the instructions correctly. Always wear protection in the eyes and hands, as the colors and dyes can cause damage.