Colorful enlightened 12pcs. – Light up pop tubes

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Barcode: 6901207000210
ID: 92070-22
Pieces 720

These colorful pipes are a fun, open and interactive kid for kids. The pipes open and are flexible. Children can stretch, bend and build with them in various ways.
These plastic pipes have an accordion pattern that allows them to peel off and push backwards again and again. When you pull the tube separately, the tube is a long way!
They can also be used as a song tube if you remove the head and tail and rotate them over your head. Perfect game for occupational therapists and those who work with children with developmental delays. Removing the pipes and pushing them together is extremely for subtle motor skills and bilateral tuning.
These are ideal for home, school or treatment atmospheres. Fun for children of all ages. Children and adults love to dilate and sympathize with the pipes. These can be used when learning the letters of the alphabet or numbers. Children can bend them to form the letters! A fun measurement tool in mathematics lesson!