Laser Measure – Andowl Q -CS11 Disturbing Measure Measure

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Laser distance counter. Suitable for distance measurement and calculation of surface, volume and sides of rectangle triangle and with a level.
Laser distance counter tool 0.05-80 m q-CS11 Laser distance meter tool 0.05-80 m Description; -Highly resolution large screen screen -Multiple measuring functions -precise, measuring -filling the area of ​​a new residence, the height of the doors and windows, the sofa size, the angle of the stairs, etc. Characteristics. -It is safe to use -It is convenient to use -it is portable and lightweight specifications. -Package Bar 200 gr. YES -Sterogene Pythagorean: Yes -MMM Pythagorean Theorem: Yes -Advance and Removal: Yes -Sered Measurement: Yes -4 -Light Lighting: Yes -Distance Measure: Yes -LCD; 2 ” -Historical Memory: 20 -Kubi: Soft Rubber Buttons -Operation: 0-40 degrees -Thermocracy storage: -20-60 degrees -packaging; l = 10.5cm x h = 16cm x w = 5.7cm What’s in the Box 1 x 0.05-80m Laser Distance Meter Tool