Electric jack lighter powered 2Τ 100W

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Having a Car Jack can make a huge difference Nothing ruins a road trip like a flat tyre, especially when you have to wait hours for road service. Whether you want a jack to prepare for an emergency or to help you do car repair at home, our Electric Car Jack will fit your needs Why trust our portable car jack? Let’s start from its main features Overall sturdy construction: Made of high quality steel, our jack is very strong and durable, and the reinforced solid screw rod makes the electric car jack won’t tear or twist easily as long as it is used properly Weight capacity ≤2T: With this weight capacity, it is safe to say that you will easily be able to buy most sedans and small SUVs Anti-slip rubber head: The protruding particles on the top of the rubber jack head can increase friction and protect the paint of your car Built-in LED light for night use: LED lights help ensure more visibility at night Other items included: Hand crank: In the process of lifting the electric car jack, If it suddenly stops working, you can insert the crank hand in the hole of the rear gearbox cover and rotate it down. Box with warning triangle: Can serve as a storage box and also as a warning sign Spare fuses: Used to replace the broken fuse How to replace it? 1: Unscrew the metal part in front of the cigarette lighter plug 2: Take out the fuse and replace it 3: Screw the metal part clockwise

Keep the engine running. Make sure to use the electric jack on level and stable ground. The floor jack must be positioned in the direction parallel to the car. Please stay away from the car when the scissor jack is operating. Do not use this car jack to lift vehicles and large SUVs, Only suitable for small vehicles (≤2T). Note: make sure the positive and negative poles are correctly matched, otherwise there will be button failure, abnormal noise or screw bending. NO SAFETY WORRIES: This electric car jack is made of quality stainless steel, so you can feel safer holding the weight, as long as it is used properly. In addition, the electrical socket will stop working when it reaches the maximum. height and built-in safety device help you keep the weight of your sedan steady. You don’t have to worry about it suddenly hitting the ground. The built-in LED light greatly improves visibility and safety when changing tires at night. PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: The 3-ton car floor jack weighs only about 5 kg due to its lightweight and compact design, which allows you to take the jack on the road and store it with ease. This will be a good helper especially when you travel. BUILT FOR LOW CHASSIS SEATS: The portable car lift has a maximum weight capacity of 4400 lbs and a lift height range of 4.72-13.77 inches. You can use it to easily lift most sedans and even small SUVs. Remember not to use it on trucks or large SUVs. If you encounter any problems during use, please feel free to contact us immediately. SPACE SAVING: This scissor car holder can be folded and easily placed under the car seat or in the trunk. Cardboard packaging makes it very convenient to carry and store every time. They are so friendly for solo travelers, especially girls or those who don’t like a heavy duty product.