Dog Combs for Grooming 1pcs

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Barcode: 6975946601007
ID: 919466-75
Boxes 3
Pieces 144

The Pet Grooming Handle is a tool designed with specially rounded, high-quality teeth to remove dead hair while massaging your pet’s entire surface.

With excellent operating technology that does not scratch your pet’s skin. Provides gentle and precise removal even for dogs/cats with sensitive skin.

It soothes your pet without scratching their skin unlike other tools with sharp edges. Clean the surface with absolute safety, easily & quickly!

The ergonomic, strong, non-slip & unbreakable handle will help you make everyday hairstyling a breeze. So you will have more time to play with your beloved pet.

It is used for treatment, exfoliation and massage
Comfort, safety & cell rejuvenation
It can increase blood circulation and leave your pet’s coat soft and shiny
Designed with a soft & non-slip silicone comfort grip that becomes one with your hand
Durable and easy to clean
Ideal for dogs and cats with medium, long, thick or curly coats

Attention: The product is available in different colors and the selection is made randomly, based on availability. The price is for one (1) piece and not the set of products shown in the photo.