CL-228 – Solar Sensor Light

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Create an amazing atmosphere with the Solar Sensor Light CL-228 with Motion Sensor!!

Solar Sensor Light CL-228 Solar with Motion Sensor provides the necessary lighting during the evening hours while also creating the appropriate atmosphere, decorating your space. No connection to the mains is required, which saves money and simplifies the installation process. It is powered by a solar panel that converts solar radiation into electricity, storing it in its internal battery. The above feature makes it suitable for installation in places where there is no or not easily accessible electricity supply. It incorporates a motion sensor that has the ability to detect small changes in the environment caused by, for example, the movement of the human body, activating its lighting, automatically It can be easily installed without the need to connect electrical cables, which makes it suitable for use in places away from power sources It has a functional LED light that lights up when the sensor detects movement near it


Outdoor lighting
With solar power panel
Weight 183g
With 2 LEDs
Waterproof ip65