Connecting terminals with heater 200 pieces W12062 – Heat Shrinkable Terminal

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Boxes 5
Pieces 20

Different coded color pipes with a footprint provide easy recognition. Measure your wire and easily select the correct link by looking at the cable footprint in the polyolefin tube. EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION – The copper barrel provides increased flow flow, reduce voltage falls, preventing wiring failures and a reduction in equipment stop time. The coarse barrel ensures strong folding each time – your wire will never slip from the Waterproof Fans – Double -wall design, polyolefin tube on the outside and hot melt glue inside. When the heat heat is applied – the terminal cylinder is created by a simple piece of copper that eliminates the problem of barrel opening. The translucent thermal shrinkage tubing provides high tensile resistance as well as stretching resistance and mechanical damage

37.3*7.0mm 90pcs
37.3*6.1mm 90pcs
40.7*8.0mm 20pcs