Adhesive Screen Repair Tape

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Barcode: 5608150900192
ID: 91509-9
Boxes 13
Pieces 120

Sieves are one of the most important tools in the Greek home! With daily use, holes are created in the middle of them or they come off at the edges from the plastic frame, as a result of which annoying mosquitoes and flies keep making their appearance inside the house. But changing the screens costs a fortune! Screen Repair Adhesive Tape will help you fix all the screens in your home in almost no time! Close holes, glue the ends to all screens and keep flies, mosquitoes, insects out of your house and your wallet full! Extremely Practical – Incredibly Economical Waterproof Self-adhesive – Strong adhesive Can be cut to size Incredibly resistant to harsh weather conditions Does not rust – Does not corrode Compatible with any type of screen Weaving designed to not stand out from the screen