4S1 Professional wheel – dust collector with LED lighting BQ -608 – Nail Machine

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Barcode: 6929936418502
ID: 926364-299
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The 4S1 BQ-608 Multipurpose is the necessary equipment needed to have a professional aesthetic. It is a reliable and excellent quality tool, without taking up space. If you are a professional, this wonderful 4S111 that combines four functions on one machine is not missing from your equipment. The package also includes a set of 6 noses and 6 seals.


Wheel: Cleaning towels
Lighting: Excellent LED brightness for better eyesight and effect.
Dust and residue collector
It has a pillow for comfortable hand mounting and palm support mode

Type: 4 in 1 nail machine
Power: 80W
Certificate: CE
White color
Voltage: 110-240V
Dimensions: 310 * 265 * 87 mm
Instructions for use in English